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About Me

Along with looking after my lovely husband, Joe and three gorgeous children, Isabella, Hunter and Saphira Ocean, I work as a bookkeeper, run a holiday let but have forever dreamed of becoming an artist. So if there was ever a good time to start - it’s now!  I will be selling original art along with prints, greeting cards and other items.

My Artistic Journey

It has been years in development, but I have finally worked up the courage to begin this journey and showcase my art to the world.  Having done many things during these past years, including going to University, travelling around the world, living in Brasil, and now having a family, art is something that has never left my side.  Through trying to conform to a 'normal' life, I realised that being sat in an office is simply not 'me'.  


I am most definitely an 'artist', a creator, I can't stop making things, dreaming things, creating things, whether in my head or physically and it is very important to me to be able to express myself in order to be happy.  I think that this message is so important for children and I hope that I can show my children that they can be whoever they want to be. It took me years to understand this, as I've always been very shy and quiet and I never had the confidence to shine in the way that I wanted.  

I recently attended an abstract landscape course and that is the journey that my art is taking me on at the moment, but I'm not sure if I've really discovered what will become my signature artwork, or if I ever will have a signature.  Perhaps my nature is to up and go and move which is how my life has taken me up to this point.  But right now I'm very much enjoying discovering dark and light abstract paintings, using a lot of earth colours and expressing what I feel in the moment.

Devon Open Studios

As part of the Devon Artist Network, I have taken part in Devon Open Studios for the past few years.

Displaying my art in my studio, welcoming new and past customers and friends really brings the feeling of being an artist home. Whilst I enjoy the solitude and peacefulness of painting, displaying my art to people who enjoy it is like nothing else.

More information about upcoming dates for this season's Devon Open Studios will be added soon.

In the meantime, please feel free to visit my artist page here:

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