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Lulu Popham-Collier is a Devon-based artist who specializes in landscape art. Her original oil paintings are a true reflection of the beauty of the region. Each piece of artwork is unique and captures the essence of the natural surroundings. Explore her collection and bring a piece of Devon into your home.

The beauty of nature is a universal inspiration, and natural landscape art is a highly sought-after expression of this admiration. This collection of oil and mixed media artworks offers a unique and exquisite way to bring the splendour of nature into your home or office. Each piece is a distinctive expression of my love for the natural world. Moreover, my art ensures that you can enjoy the beauty of nature in your space affordably, without compromising on quality.

In addition to my original landscape art, I also produce limited edition prints, suitable for those with a more modest budget. These prints are sometimes replications of my original pieces, sometimes original pieces all their own, but they always look outstanding framed and hung on the wall. My art tends to be striking without being overbearing, taking inspiration from the natural world and reflecting it through my own personal lens.

If you are looking for gifts for friends or family, I also have my 'Mini Originals' collection; small, intimate pieces of art that are perfect for the art lover in your life. With wall space at a premium in most homes, my Mini Original artworks will suit even the smallest room, whether that be a sitting room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom or hallway. The Mini Originals pieces are also great value and at a price point where most people would be delighted to both give, and receive them as an arty gift.

If you're looking for individual pieces of kitchen homeware, check out my chopping boards and mango wood bowls. Designed by me and hand crafted in India, they look great on a kitchen counter as a fruit bowl, or as a key dish for your home and car keys! Fill them with pot pourri and display them in a downstairs loo.

I hope you're able to find something suitable, if you are looking to commission a piece of work then please feel free to contact me directly via email or the contact form here


Lulu x

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